‘Garrett’s Path’ by Bruce Brockway (Dad)

When he was an infant, Garrett’s path was my path. He ventured where I ventured because I carried him. When he could walk, Garrett’s path followed my path, his footsteps were my footsteps.There were still too many unknowns for him to venture off and create a new path of his own.

As Garrett grew older, his path was next to my path as we walked side by side. Our paths were parallel because we loved one another as father and son.

On February, 27, 2013, Garrett’s path suddenly stretched out far ahead of me. I could no longer touch his shoulder or hear his voice. His path stretched out to his real Father, our God in heaven.

It is now my turn to follow Garrett’s path. My footsteps will be in his footsteps because I love him as a father loves his son. I take great comfort knowing where this path will lead me. And although I cannot hear his voice or hold his hand, I know Garrett is right here with me, loving me, protecting me, and leading me on this path to heaven.

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